MCI Canada's Inspirational Woman - The Original - Miss Canada International - Founded in 1996

Our Program

Scholarship Program to assist young women in achieving their goals and to follow their dreams by obtaining a higher education, a life experience through helping others through service to others.

There will be 13 young women chosen from across Canada each representing their Province & Territory to become Canada’s Team of Inspirational Women. Please nominate someone you feel can be an Ambassador for their Province or Territory and bring much value to our Team of Inspirational Young Woman.

 Young Woman Who Possess the Following Qualities:

-Mentor & Role Model     -Inspirational     -Motivational     -Leads and works as a Team

-Scholar  -Knowledgeable     -Career and Goal Oriented with Importance placed on Education

-Warm, Gentle, Wholesome Personality with a Sense of Humour     -Strong Family Values and Ethics

-Makes a Positive Impact on those people she meets and what she is involved in

-Articulate     -Sensible Realistic outlook on life     -Dependable, Reliable, Honest and Trustworthy

-Honourable and Generous towards others       -Respectful of Others     -Self Confident, Hard Working                    

-Healthy and Ambitious with Grace, Charm and Poise of Young Woman

- Humanitarian     -Community and Charity Oriented     -Talented

-Compassionate, Considerate, Kind and Understanding towards People and what she is involved in

Provincial and Territories Events

Our Team will be producing an event in each Province and Territory, once all nominations are in. ( The selection process may be vary in each area) Once all 13 Young Woman are selected they will take part in the National Event for the Title of “Canada’s Inspirational Woman” “Miss Canada International”.

The Team of Young Woman may work together and separately within and outside their Province and Territory. They will promote a Healthy Lifestyle, Anti -bullying, Giving Back, Being Kind and Making a Positive Difference.


group shotThe Journey as a Provincial Delegate representing your Province or Territory will be meaningful and valuable, as much as wearing the Miss Canada International crown, as this is a reflection of your commitment, interests, responsibilities, passion and purpose.

Success is measured in a variety of different paths through life that is taken as we achieve goals.

Miss Canada Int’l represents Generations of Canadian Women and Youth, a symbol of Canada.

A representative must be capable of understanding and fulfilling the philosophy of Miss Canada International.

An effective representative with a powerful voice and message to engage young people, to go out there and make a positive impact. To become involved in your community and country.

A healthy wellbeing emotionally and intellectual individual

Articulate in personality and platform position

Qualified to take on and handle the job responsibilities

Represent commercial sponsors as a Brand Ambassador and Charities as a Goodwill Ambassador

Make appearances across the country, travel abroad, with poise, composure and be graceful under pressure

Knowledge on relevant issues facing women  and youth in today’s society

Provincial issues relevant in your Province

Role and responsibilities as a Provincial titleholder and that if you become the National Titleholder

World and Current Events in your country

Exceptional speaker, motivator and communicator, able to captivate your audience while being a mentor and role model, being able to focus on the moment

Career aspirations and personal ambitions desire to achieve, in everything you do

Platform of a Delegate

You must be able to present in front of an audience of students, women, etc.

A Platform is a topic or issue of importance affecting our society regionally, provincially and nationally. An issue to which a Delegate would like to bring significant awareness as a Goodwill Ambassador. Your presentation must be on one of the following topics.

The Delegate must have passionate interests for this cause and be dedicated to becoming an advocate for it, for the year. This may be something that has affected her life personally or that of a close friend or loved one.


Each young woman must present a talent presentation up to three minutes.
Must be a talent that can be presented in front of an audience.

group photo

Pageant Week Activities

Including Solider For A Day with the Canadian Forces