MCI Canada's Inspirational Woman - The Original - Miss Canada International - Founded in 1996

Our Mission

“Miss Canada International” continually mentors young women and offers the opportunity to prove to her peers and all Canadians, she is truly an ambassador to all people of Canada. Our scholarship program is intended to encourage and afford young women the ability to achieve their goals.

We do this through public awareness programs and invitations as that special guest at important events which are meaningful to a variety of audiences. Miss Canada International is a symbol of the important value of young women in our changing environment. She is groomed to listen to others, speak her truth and encourage young people to take a positive, active interest in their own beliefs and community.

Miss Canada International was founded on the belief that women of all ages are proud of who they are and the role they play in society. We encourage young women to believe in themselves first, stand up for their beliefs and extend their hand in helping their communities.


Who is Miss Canada International

A long standing Canadian tradition rich in our country's history

One who emulates an ideal woman

We encourage each young woman to be the best she can be each and every day

Make her life the adventure it deserves to be, giving inspiration to those she meets

Taking on challenges to grow as young women

Empowering young women to pursue their educational goals using their individuality and passion

Discovers their path in life and purpose with a year of service to the country, by creating lasting change

Create momentum, quality of life, fulfillment and balance

Find the fibre of whom she is

Be happy and driven with energy

Have personal growth and success in all she encounters

Being Miss Canada Int’l will have a positive impact on her life

It will give her a sense of contribution during her year of service

Discovering that the little things in life mean everything

Taking time to sit and listen to an elderly person and learn their wisdom

Giving a hug or a smile to a person whom is ill

Watching a small child’s eyes light up as she kneels to speak to them

Presenting a disabled person with a ribbon

Spending time with a lonely person who needs someone to talk to

Just lending a helping hand is an incredible source of inspiration

The desire to give something back, to give time to others, to show you care

To help change the world by taking care of each other

This is the young woman who carries the title of Miss Canada International