MCI Canada's Inspirational Woman - The Original - Miss Canada International - Founded in 1996

Sylvia Stark - Founder

Sylvia Stark

Sylvia was a Director of Miss Canada owned and operated by CTV Television Baton Broadcasting Corp, until it closed in 1992 with its last titleholder being Nicole Dundson of BC. When it stopped it was the highest rated program on TV next to the Super Bowl in Canada. Sylvia stayed good friends with the staff including Elanie Anisman and Jennifer Palmer. Sylvia sat down with the legal department of CTV and was not able to purchase it for the price being ask, therefore they suggested her starting a new program, she ask if the name of Miss Canada International would work. She was given their blessing that this name would not interfere with the trademark and she would be allowed to start a new program.

In 1995 the first Miss Canada International was chosen "Catherine Dunn" of Orillia Ontario. In 1998 Sylvia founded Miss Teen Canada International and Nicole Gagnon from NWT was the first Miss Teen. The event grew up to 60 Delegates and was the licensee for Miss World from 1997 to 2003. In 2003 it became a scholarship program, a unique program that is the largest of its kind in Canada, with the National Titleholders traveling Nationally and Internationally for charity and other appearances.

Pageants hold a very special place for Sylvia , being a titleholder herself and taking part in several different pageants, throughout the years. In 2003 she was honored to be named an Honoree Canadian Forces Member in Wainwright Alberta.

This was a dream for Sylvia to assist and encourage young women to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, to be self-confident and be the best they can be. Sylvia continues to stay in touch with many Delegates and Titleholders over the years and proud to watch them grow and succeed.

After 20 years she is proud to hand the reigns over to new owners. She wishes them much success to continue the program and continue to be the stepping stone for young women to fulfill their life long dreams.

In 2014 Sylvia was Awarded "International Woman of The Year" by International Woman’s Award on International Woman’s Day, for her work with young woman throughout the years.

Sylvia will continue her passion as a humanitarian around the world helping children and women and as an international speaker.